What happens if I purchase a package and don't get the results that I need? 

Client satisfaction is my number one priority but like all good things, social media growth takes time, hard work and repetition. Once you've learnt the principles, the effort is there for you to invest in yourself over the next few months to see the results you desire.

If you're not satisfied with what you've learnt on the coaching course, we can schedule a short follow-up call to discuss a personalised action plan of additional lessons to ensure you can achieve the results you need.

What happens if I have more questions after my coaching consultation is completed? 

If you ever have quick, generic questions about the world of digital, the offer is always there to drop me a line!

At the end of each package (after you've read your Social Media Audit), we can have a feedback call to discuss a follow-up of another batch of lessons if you need further coaching and support.

I'm super interested in signing up for All About Helping coaching, but can't afford the investment right now. What should I do?

I'm always down to support bedroom producers who are pushing to achieve their dreams. When I started the AAH project I made a promise to myself that I'll always offer general pointers and direction to those who ask. The e-book and mailing list will always be FREE to sign up for and give a great starting point to build your following.

I'm unsure of which package is the best one for my situation. Can you help me figure out which option is best for me?

Of course! Ultimately, it comes down to your confidence level and current capabilities. Feel free to say hello in my inbox and we can have a chat about how comfortable you feel with the terminology of a report or need a more hands on approach from a coaching package. If you've mastered the basics and want to hit the next level, a campaign plan might be best for you!